Secondo meets Capracara

Discombabulate 3
7 Sep 2006
Plastic People

Jack me till I scream!

Since Capracara's acid-infused debut-twelve 'Opal Rush/Flashback 86' early this year on Soul Jazz Records, there has been much speculation about who might be responsible for this time-warping warehouse-banger. This is your chance to experience Capracara first hand while he teams up with the mighty Secondo for the third instalment of Dis·com·bab·u·late at Plastic People in Shoreditch-disco-land. Back to back they shall be selecting first-rate Disintegration-Disco, Chicago and other Electronic Affairs from their well-informed record-libraries. Support comes as usual from the 'Babulate-sound-crew 'Roller-Skater-Jam-Girl' and 'Lorenzo-Driving-in-a-Benzo'.

After 'Soundhack' and 'Rekid', the third Discombabulate night promises again to be a fine evening out – dedicated to nothing else but its trademark quality discotheque experience on one of London's finest dance floors.

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